Bake Stuff with Cake Stuff
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Wichita Wednesday (Oct 28th) – Randy Stratton


Wichita Wednesday (Oct 28th) – Randy Stratton

Tell us a little about yourself. When and why did you start baking?

I started about 7 years ago. I have always been a creative person and fell in love with the freedom of creativity you can have with cake.

What is one Cake Stuff item you cannot live without?

I cannot stress enough how much I live off Cakes Stuff’s imperial gold powder!

If you could bake/decorate with anyone famous who would it be?

The one person I would want to work with would have to be Ron Ben Israel!

Do you have a local baking business, or do you just bake/decorate for fun?

I am the pastry chef for Dillons at Central and Rock.