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Wichita Wednesday (May 26th) – Natalie Cunningham


Wichita Wednesday (May 26th) – Natalie Cunningham

Tell us a little about yourself. When and why did you start baking?

I’m Natalie Cunningham, and I’ve been baking ever since I was 11! I took my first cake decorating class at Cake Stuff in 2003 (before cakes were cool to do lol). I took that one class and actually hated it, quit for a while, then started back up my senior year of high school. 11 years later, I still do it out of my home as a hobby. I am a stay-at-home mom now to two little boys, and you may recognize me as I used to work at Cake Stuff back in 2015 before having my first son!

What is one Cake Stuff item you cannot live without?

I really love the butter vanilla emulsion in cookies and icing; it gives another depth in flavor besides just plain vanilla.

If you could bake/decorate with anyone famous who would it be?

I really love Liz Marek from Sugar Geek Show or Olivia Bogacki with Liv for Cake. Both are super talented and I love both of their styles.

Do you have a local baking business, or do you just bake/decorate for fun?
I used to bake more, but I’m busy as a stay-at-home mom with my two boys, plus we just added a new puppy to the mix too!! As of now, I just do two cakes a week for friends, family, and the occasional client. My Facebook page is Natalie’s Sweets and Treats.