Bake Stuff with Cake Stuff

Wichita Wednesday (June 30th) – MaryAnne McCullough


Wichita Wednesday (June 30th) – MaryAnne McCullough

Tell us a little about yourself. When and why did you start baking?

I’ve been professionally baking for five years but baking has always been a bonding time for myself and my kids. Creating new treats was a way we all got together and shared the week’s events. I started doing it professionally after I retired from my regular profession and friends kept asking for my boozy baked treats.

What is one Cake Stuff item you cannot live without?

Your disco dust! I am picking up new colors once a week! My cupcakes are known as the one with all the glitter. Also, I love all the flavorings that add that bit of umph that is so important.

If you could bake/decorate with anyone famous who would it be?

Oh Misha and his son West, they’re prestigious bakers but I would be so intimidated. With Misha I could cut loose and just have fun!

Do you have a local baking business, or do you just bake/decorate for fun?

My local baking business is Kocktail Kupcakes. We are a pop up business at the moment and are known for our boozy cupcakes. We are on Facebook and Instagram @kocktailkupcakes.