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Wichita Wednesday (Aug. 4th) – Maria Magdaleno


Wichita Wednesday (Aug. 4th) – Maria Magdaleno

Tell us a little about yourself. When and why did you start baking?

I’m Maria! I’m a stay-at-home-mom of four under the age of 5! Baking is seriously my PASSION! It’s my calling.

What is one Cake Stuff item you cannot live without?

I LOVE the sprinkle bar where you can build your own sprinkles at Cake Stuff! Being able to visualize your own set and make your own is the BEST!

If you could bake/decorate with anyone famous who would it be?

If I could bake or decorate with anyone famous it would be Duff Goldman. He’s so AMAZING!!!

Do you have a local baking business, or do you just bake/decorate for fun?

My baking business is @ Sweet Sensations by Maria! I just started a little over 2 months ago when I launched Mother’s Day weekend!