Bake Stuff with Cake Stuff
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Wichita Wednesday (Sept. 29th) – Anna Doyon


Wichita Wednesday (Sept. 29th) – Anna Doyon

Tell us a little about yourself. When and why did you start baking?

I started baking when I was 10. I am 13. I mainly just do it for fun, but I do make all my friends and family’s birthday cakes.

What is one Cake Stuff item you cannot live without?

One Cake Stuff item that I couldn’t live without is all the sprinkles to choose from. If I ever need a certain sprinkle or sprinkle mix, I know where to get it!

If you could bake/decorate with anyone famous who would it be?

Someone famous I would bake with is Joshua John Russell from the YouTube TV show, Man About Cake.

Do you have a local baking business, or do you just bake/decorate for fun?

I don’t have a business, but I’d like to! I have sold some of my cakes for special occasions, but I mostly make cakes for fun!