Bake Stuff with Cake Stuff

3D Taco Cake

At least one day before we go live on Facebook with our online class, the following prep should be done. 

Cake:  Bake at least one 8” round chocolate cake.  You will have more batter than this from your mix, but only one 8” round is needed for this class.  You can use the leftover better for whatever you wish.  After your cake is baked, wrap it in plastic wrap, let it come to room temp, and freeze it.  We will take it out of the freezer during the class.

Modeling Chocolate:  Melt your 1# chocolate wafers according to the directions on the label.  Next, warm your corn syrup in the microwave till just warm.  Do not overheat this!  After it is warmed, add it to your melted chocolate and stir to combine.  Once well combined, wrap your “ball” of modeling chocolate in plastic wrap so it is well sealed and let set for 24 hours before using.

Can’t wait to see you guys on Facebook! We will be going live at 2:00pm on Tuesday, May 5th! (Cinco de Mayo!) This is one of my favorite cakes of all time to do!  Let’s Party!  Ole!